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Start-ups Like Somewhere Redefine Our Professional Identities and Put More of Our Selves at Stake

A 2013 study by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science claims that paid work continues to be “negatively correlated with happiness.”…

Being ourselves, 9-5.


A fairy tale book display in a shop at the Efteling Theme Park in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherland


A fairy tale book display in a shop at the Efteling Theme Park in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherland

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"We are so used to releasing words, we don’t know what to do with them if they stay. No matter how many times we let them go, they come back. The words that matter always stay."

David Levithan, The Realm of Possibility (via bookmania)



Boroughs (After Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Ah, see cement simmer, stick, stay the walls of my mind

Light! as air through bricked ridges

 -sponged, world-steeped and rhymed.



see the me, see the we

See the I in us all

see the moment at its pinnacle

Feel the buckle - clasp, push, fall.


This! Urban scene, sweet urban scene,

Soul smeared in bright burrows we have seen

Leaves stir, my heart stirs for a word- a name, a sound

my own, but more than me.

The world is charged by broken atoms - sew me up with the earth

born a windhover in a city too poor for mirth

I will find salvation eastward

as kingfishers catch spells

Bind letters to these heartstrings; myself it speaks and dwells


Light lingers, fractures, filters - seeps from window to walk

Raise up starboard my eyes and Ah! Light land is High sky!

There! The name splashes vermillion, sparks spill them, struck from crags as it falls

the wonder of it!: plough down blue-bleak stars on my walls.

Push a dearest freshness through fissure-cleft deep

World brooding, I am all things, for I am one thing, for we is me.


“I also truly love paper. I don’t know how else to put that.”

At the New York Timess Lens blog, Kerry Mansfield’s “Expired” photo series on discarded and withdrawn library books.


Senj, Croatia


Senj, Croatia

"I sometimes think that time must be different for someone who began writing and reading in reverse — a tendency that naturally corrected itself — than it is for most people who have never tried to go from back to front but have always progressed from front to back, never trying to begin at the end but only to adjust to it, to the expectation and fear of it and to its arrival; and I sometimes think that might be why I often move through what I’ve called in several books ‘the other side of time, its dark back’, taking the mysterious expression from Shakespeare to give a name to the kind of time that has not existed, the time that awaits us and therefore does not happen, or happens only in a sphere in which writing, or perhaps only fiction, may — who knows — be found."

— Javier Marias, Dark Back of Time (trans. Esther Allen), from the Anthology of Long Sentences (via littletoboggans)

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"It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff. This is especially true of the first draft. Every day you’re making up the earth you’re going to stand on."

Peter Carey on sitting down to write.  (via theparisreview)